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Thank you Letetia for investing in me. It means so much that you took the time to help me grow!



Letetia is a person of purpose. She loves helping others discover theirs.



Letetia shared with me somethings that helped her find her way. I had lost myself. Definitely after my mother died, I didn’t care about much anymore. I was pretty numb and emotionless. I began to read, write and reflect. I had a ton of emotions and trauma inside of me that I never healed from that stemmed from a 5-year-old Michelle. I began to have a better understanding of my triggers and certain behaviors. I became more intentional with my words and my actions.

It has been a rocky process. A lot of tears and pain. However, I am starting to find my worth again. I am starting to love myself again. I am starting to understand my true purpose in life. Letetia has walked with me every step of the way. When I am down and out, ready to shut down and give up, she is there to push me. She will remind me of the end goal. She will tell me, I am strong, I am loved and I am worth it! I cannot even find the words powerful enough to Express the gratitude I have for this woman. She is one of the most influential persons I have ever met. Letetia genuinely loves people. Everything she does in life is tailored after helping someone else grow and become the best version of themselves. Letetia is so selfless. She is truly a heaven sent. I am so honored and blessed to have gotten the opportunity to get to know her and have her take the time to invest in me. I appreciate her believing in me. The process is far from over but I have come a long way. I am still growing. I have not reached the capacity of my Potential yet.


Letetia, thank you for helping me find Letetia, thank you for helping me free myself.



Letetia is such an amazing woman. I'm so grateful to God for placing her in my path. I know I'm destined for greatness and I'm glad God gave me a destiny chaser like her.



Such a blessing to have in my life.


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After Reading Letetia's Book "Finding Identity; A Healing Journey, I felt very inspired and encouraged. I read it at the right moment in my life!


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